Better detection of spam


Thanks to the modernisation and improvement of Restena Foundation’s email messaging system, users of the RESTENA network benefit from more effective email messaging dealing with spam.

From Tuesday 1 March 2022 to Wednesday 9 March 2022, the Restena Foundation is modernising and improving its e-mail messaging system, in particular, to detect junk emails with greater accuracy. During this timeframe, malware and spam filtering solution - inbound mail gateway replacement and outbound server renewal included - is gradually updated.

More effective global spam filtering

Restena's updated ‘anti-virus/anti-spam gateway’ service prevents email-borne threats from reaching mailboxes through stricter spam management. Teachers benefitting from the ‘@education.lu email messaging system’ and staff of institutions using the email hosting service are now more effectively protected against spam.

This is achieved through the implementation of a new anti-virus engine, which improves the protection of mailboxes against malware, but not only. Automatic rejection of messages 'proven' to be spam by the spam filter, according to predefined criteria, is implemented for the first time. This setting leads to the delivery rejection of spam - such as unsolicited advertising messages - and malicious messages, including phishing, in electronic mailboxes when someone attempts to send them.

Messages assessed by the spam filter as ‘likely’ spam are still delivered to users' mailboxes with the specification SPAM in the subject of the email, as was previously the case for all detected spam. The user is free to manage this spam using the individual filtering options: redirection to inbox, automatic moving to a 'Junk / Spam' folder or direct deletion before downloading.

Renewal of the outgoing server

The Restena Foundation is also migrating the outgoing mail server - responsible for transferring the messages sent to relay servers - related to the email messaging. This transparent operation for the user is necessary to complete the modernisation of the email messaging offered by Restena.

Institutions connected to the RESTENA network - research institutes, educational and cultural institutions in Luxembourg - willing to benefit from the email hosting service and, by extension, from the filtering solution set up by Restena, can notify their interest to admin@restena.lu.