DNS servers

Use your .lu domain name reliably and with total peace of mind by using "authoritative" servers that benefit from DNSSEC technology


In order to allow the greatest possible number of users to use their .lu domain name easily and reliably, the Restena Foundation provides its community - which consists of players in the fields of research and education, health, culture and administration in Luxembourg - as well as the users (individuals and companies) of its platform (via its registrar activity) with a set of servers that are "authoritative" for these domains.

These servers contain and distribute information about each .lu name registered in the domain name system (DNS), such as the address of the website or the mail server to which electronic messages must be sent for this domain.


In order to guarantee a high level of availability of the services associated with each domain name, the Restena Foundation offers:

  • its community three administered servers, which are situated in different networks and geographical locations (two in Luxembourg, one in Europe);
  • users two administered servers, which are situated in different networks and geographical locations, and a group of servers distributed across Europe (anycast).

The information provided by all these servers is automatically synchronised with the information entered in the management interface of zones hosted on the DNS servers of the Restena Foundation (DNSGUI) or communicated from your own "authoritative" DNS server if you already possess one for your domain.

The domains that use this service can benefit from DNSSEC (domain name system security extensions) technology. The information hosted in this way is authenticated by cryptographic keys that guarantee the flawless integration of each domain into a chain of trust within the tree view of the naming system on the internet, and which protect you from attacks that aim to misappropriate your domain name or your associated services


The DNS servers provided by the Restena Foundation respect de facto the obligations issued by the .lu registry that it manages via DNS-LU. They are supervised, administered and updated by the Restena Foundation.

They also benefit from the implementation of the latest security advances incorporated by the Restena Foundation in its registry activity.

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