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Securely redirect long URLs to short URLs while respecting its privacy and that of its visitors.

News! Since mid-April 2024, users of the ‘URL Shortener’ service have benefited from a secure access to internal/Intranet resources and services outside of the RESTENA network.
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Making references to Internet pages is widespread, whether on websites, social networks or even usually in printed documents or presentation slides. Often essential for understanding a subject or linking information, these references can quickly become unreadable, indigestible, or even unusable. Therefore, shortening these URLs is a good way to deal with this problem.

Unfortunately, commercial shorteners have the frustrating tendency to store and exploit the data of link visitors and creators. Not only is there no control over the final use of this data, but first and foremost, it does not meet the needs of people who do not want their data - and that of their colleagues, colleagues, partners, customers, etc. - to be exploited.


With the URL shortener, the Restena Foundation allows students, teachers, professors, researchers, and administrative staff of the Luxembourg research and education community to securely shorten their long URLs into short URLs starting with the seven characters:

The tool does not store the personal data of the people creating or visiting the links shortened with the URL shortener. It only transfers the persistent identifier (ID) of the link creator via the RESTENA network and tracks the total number of clicks per link.

Restena's URL shortener is easy to use: you enter the original URL, and the tool automatically generates the short URL. It is also a kind of two-in-one tool. In addition to the short URL, a QR code is also created, thus opening new possibilities to access the original long URL.

Once generated, the short URLs - and their QR codes - have no expiry date. Their creators can reuse them as often and for as long as needed, especially as the original URLs to which point the short URLs can be changed at any time.


Secure and privacy-friendly tool

Creation of unique, permanent URLs that are accessible to everyone

No tracking of link creators and visitors

Automatic generation of a QR code associated with the link

How to benefit?

I am an employee or student at a research or education institution and I do not have a RESTENA user account

  1. Make sure that your institution has subscribed to the URL shortener service. To do this, check if your institution is listed in the tool: go to and click on ‘Login with Restena’.
  2. There, select your institution in the list and connect with your eduID credentials that were provided to you by your institution’s IT department.
  3. Once you are connected, enter the URL you would like to shorten, confirm your interest in shortening and using it, and then freely manage your new short URL and its generated QR code.

NB: If your institution does not offer the URL shortener but is eligible for the services offered by the Restena Foundation, your institution should let us know that it is interested in advance.

I am a teacher or employee at a research or educational institution and I have a RESTENA user account

  1. Make sure that you are eligible for the URL shortener service. To do this, check the services activated in your user account.
  2. Please visit, select ‘Restena users’ in the list and connect with the login credentials to RESTENA services that were provided to you when you opened your RESTENA user account.
  3. Once you are connected, enter the URL you would like to shorten, confirm your interest in shortening and using it, and then freely manage your new short URL and its generated QR code.

NB: If the URL shortener service is not part of your activated services, please contact the Restena Foundation to indicate that you are interested.

More details on the service

Who can benefit?

Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools, Higher-Education Establishments, Research Institutes, Cultural Institutions, Teachers, Professors, Researchers, Administrative staff

Some useful information

Except for people owning a RESTENA user account, access to the URL shortener is linked to eduID Luxembourg, the authentication and access authorisation service for dedicated websites to the education and research community in Luxembourg.

Assistance and support


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