Time Synchronisation


Any IT hardware and any computer has its own internal clock which, over time, tends to deviate from the official clock time. This deviation can amount to only a few seconds, but of greater significance is that fact that each device does not follow the same rhythm. In this scenario, machines connected and used on the same network can quickly undergo time shifts. This may seem innocuous at first, but a time shift in IT equipment can complicate everyday operations, such as managing connections to your computer system, broadcasting real-time multimedia content (via social networks or video conferencing, etc.), online payments, etc. 

Synchronising your clocks with the computer network securely and reliably is a critical concern. The Restena Foundation offers its users the option to synchronise their IT equipment and clocks with its time servers. 


To ensure the time synchronisation of computer network equipment, two very high-precision time servers are managed by the Restena Foundation according to the Network Time Protocol (NTP). By acting as a time reference by synchronizing to GPS and GLONASS networks as well as European services, these time servers can be used by anyone connected to the RESTENA network to synchronise the local clock of all of its networked IT equipment.

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Who can benefit?

Connected Institutions, Higher Education Institutions, Research Centres, Cultural Institutions, Primary and Secondary Schools, Individual Users of RESTENA Services

How to benefit?

To use the service, just configure the and/or servers as a time server in the systems concerned.