Expanded cybersecurity training offer


IPv6, multi-factor authentication, the Domain Name System (DNS) and DNSSEC protocol are on the training courses agenda offered by Restena in the context of the Digital Learning Hub (DLH) winter catalogue.

After a first conclusive experience, Restena is engaged in the winter catalogue 2022/2023 of the Digital Learning Hub (DLH), the continuing professional training structure of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth (MENJE). As for the summer course, Restena is involved in the 'Cyber Security' training pillar, this time with a doubled offer. With two new training courses and an additional speaker, representing a total of four training courses and 36 hours of training, Restena is stepping up its commitment to the DLH.

From 24 November to 16 December 2022, three engineers from the Restena Foundation will discuss four essential themes in terms of IT security.

  • IPv6 - The successor IP address space to IPv4, IPv6 allows access to the Internet.

➔ Restena allocates IPv6 addresses to the research and education community in Luxembourg.

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) - MFA allows a secured connection by providing two or more distinct proofs of identity.

➔ Restena has implemented strong, phishing-resistant MFA for its own staff resources, and is working with the international eduroam community to move eduroam accounts towards MFA.

  • The Domain Name System (DNS) - DNS is one of the fundamental elements of the Internet that provides a distributed naming system and its complexity has to be considered for the domain name's optimum protection.

➔ Restena manages the authoritative servers for the .lu top-level domain, in the context of its .lu registry activity.

  • The DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) protocol - DNSSEC is essential to guarantee optimal security for all .lu domain names

➔ A set of "authoritative" servers offered by Restena to the research and education community in Luxembourg and to the users of its online .lu domain name platform is DNSSEC-signed.

Restena's training courses, like all the others in the winter catalogue, lead to the issue of a certificate of participation by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth.

Getting started with IPv6 (New)

24/11 + 01/12 + 08/12 + 15/12 2022 I 08:00 – 12:00

What for? Learn IPv6 fundamentals, remove fears of deploying IPv6 in the company network, understand how IPv6 can make companies' Internet future-proof and kickstart a network engineer's IPv6 capabilities.

Who is concerned? People with a strong knowledge of IPv4 networking

Instructor: Claude Tompers, network and systems engineer

Language: English

Introduction to the Domain Name System (New)

08/12/2022 I 14:00 – 17:00 et 09/12/2022 I 09:00 - 17:00

What for? Learn about the DNS protocol, know how to perform domain name resolution using the DNS protocol and obtain knowledge of DNS zone management operations with a focus on security.

Who is concerned? Anyone interested

Instructor: Dr Guillaume-Jean Herbiet, ingénieur système et responsable technique du service .lu

Language: English

Multi-factor Authentication

12/12/2022 I 10:00 – 13:00

What for? Learn how multi-factor authentication works and discover how to secure an account by adding an additional factor.

Who is concerned? Beginners and individuals with basic knowledge

Instructor: Stefan Winter, research engineer and Chief Technology Officer

Language: English

Secure DNS infrastructure with DNSSEC

16/12/2022 I 09:00 – 17:00

What for? Acquire a practical experience of the DNSSEC protocol and its functioning and know how to implement DNSSEC oneself onto one own DNS infrastructure.

Who is concerned? Professionals with previous DNS experience or responsible for the DNS service looking to acquire knowledge to implement DNSSEC in their organisation.

Instructor: Dr Guillaume-Jean Herbiet, systems engineer and .lu service technical manager

Language: English