Disputes and domain names, the subject of a new tip sheet


Through a new document published in its role as .lu registry, the Restena Foundation is expanding its range of tip sheets for (future) .lu domain name holders.

After a focus on domain name security, the Restena Foundation - serving as the registry for the top-level domain name .lu - is raising awareness of domain name disputes. At the end of July 2022, it published its first tip sheet to promote good practices around the Domain Name System (DNS) to people who own or wish to own a .lu domain.

The focus on dispute management

Available in French and English, the ‘Domain Name Disputes’ tip sheet is a re-edition and update of part of the content of the former French brochure 'Aspects techniques et juridiques des noms de domaine' produced in 2012. It provides updated basic information on the subject. It provides recommendations, explains the responsibilities associated with the registration and use of a domain name and provides an update on the types of disputes and the existing dispute management measures. It also briefly explains the rules and characteristics of the national extension .lu.

A network of more than 50 accredited registrars for .lu commercially offers the national extension .lu, one of which is managed by the Restena Foundation. So the advice applies to any registrant, regardless of their registrar.

New thematic, new readerships

With this new publication, the range of tip sheets published by Restena is evolving. Until now, they were dedicated only to raising awareness of computer security issues among people working in the research or education sectors in Luxembourg. At the end of July 2022, the Restena Foundation will have a catalogue of five tip sheets.

For people owning or wishing to own a .lu domain.

(Current and future domain name holders)

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