New identity and website for .lu activities


On Tuesday 18 January 2022, the Restena Foundation has unveiled the new identity and new websites of its .lu activities.

In mid-January 2022, the Restena Foundation updated the visual identity of its service in charge of the management of .lu domain names, but not only. This modernization involved the redesign of the dns.lu website, and the evolution of the my.lu platform into its accredited registrar for .lu dedicated website.

A refreshed identity close to Restena

The new identity of the Restena Foundation's .lu registry and accredited registrar for .lu activities has been designed to clarify these activities - which have been carried out under the name DNS-LU - while maintaining strong recognition to the Restena Foundation. It consists of:

  • a new logo, built around the term '.lu' and the pictogram of the Restena Foundation logo,
  • a new Service .lu name, which replaces the former name DNS-LU.

Two websites with distinct positioning

In line with this modernization, Restena focused on the web environment in which its activities as a .lu registry and as an accredited registrar for .lu evolve.

  • dns.lu becomes the website of the .lu registry. Previously including information on the .lu registry and .lu domain name registration and management activities, the dns.lu website now focuses solely on the .lu registry activity. The website also features an expanded directory of accredited .lu registrars. The display of compatibility information - in the form of tags - provide further information, to those wishing to register a .lu, to choose the best registrar.
  • my.lu is the new reference website for managing .lu domain names with Restena. my.lu goes beyond the sole access to the online platform for registering and managing domain names. It is now the new reference website for registering and managing domain names with the Restena's registrar according to the two management options: classic management, involving the submission and exchange of forms, and online management via the dedicated platform.

The two modernized websites meet the current Internet navigation standards and are designed for the use on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.