FileSender: extended security and use


The FileSender large file sharing service benefits from increased security of the data in transit and is open to 4 new beneficiary organisations thanks to eduID Luxembourg.

Since 2011, the Restena Foundation has managed the FileSender large file sharing service in Luxembourg.  Developed for and by the research and education community with the support of the European association GÉANT managing the pan-European research network in which Restena is a member, FileSender has evolved to a new interface on 31 December 2021.

An extra touch of security

In the new FileSender interface, users can use the "zero-knowledge encryption" and thus encrypt the uploaded data on the client-side. With this option, the password used to upload and retrieve files is directly entered by the user when the file is uploaded to the FileSender. It is therefore up to the user to communicate the password, which is unique and specific to the upload, to the final recipients.

Thanks to this end-to-end encryption, no identification data is stored on Restena's servers, and by extension, no entity other than the sender and the recipient can access the files and their content. FileSender so now offers maximum security against data breaches for the benefit of data privacy.

New FileSender interface

Additionally, a file download speed indicator is integrated into the new FileSender. This indicator shows the encryption time at rest and the encryption time in transit, i.e. when the files are saved on the FileSender and when they circulate on the network. Thanks to this, the sender and his recipient(s) can ensure that the file transfer is progressing correctly.

Finally, more detailed notification options are also included in this new version of FileSender. Users can, among other things, receive a download report or get a download link instead of sending their files directly to recipients.

An extended number of users

In addition to these new features, new users can benefit from the FileSender. Previously accessible only to users of the services offered by the Restena Foundation, mainly Luxembourg teachers with an email address ending in @education.lu, FileSender is now closely linked to eduID Luxembourg, the authentication and access authorisation service for websites.

In addition to the previous beneficiaries, i.e. users with an account at Restena, all researchers, teachers, employees and students of Luxembourg institutions using eduID Luxembourg can now use FileSender. The following new organisations are concerned: 

  • beneficiaries of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) system of the Centre de gestion informatique de l'éducation (CGIE),
  • employees and students at the University of Luxembourg,
  • employees and students at the Luxembourg School of Business (LSB),
  • employees of the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre (ULCC).
FileSender service homepage

Institutions connected to the RESTENA network - research institutes, educational and cultural institutions in Luxembourg - willing to have their employees benefit from the FileSender and the eduID Luxembourg service can notify their interest to admin@restena.lu